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Professional, friendly, affordable - this is what characterise the Accountancy Close to You. You don't need to worry about anything - the team of experienced specialists will keep your accounts. You can focus on your business. We know the needs of both the beginning, as well as experienced entrepreneurs. High quality of services combined with low costs is the model which we successfully realise. We specialise in accounting services for commercial law companies, capital market entities, as well as sole proprietorships.


We are the licensed accountancy office and we hold the licence no. 58260. Our company has been created by experienced accountants . Apart from theoretical knowledge we also have practical experience confirmed by our clients. Our specialists publish articles in such magazines as: “Finanse i Controling”, “” and several other popular portals and magazines.


We apply proven accounting service systems which are always customised to given Client’s needs. Our motto is: “We keep the accounts as if we were right behind the wall!”


We are experienced in working both for young entrepreneurs and those very experienced ones. We know what they need and to what extent and, above all, how to solve their problems and explain complexities to them successfully and efficiently. We have a friendly attitude towards a Client and their needs.

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Comprehensive accounting from PLN 199 net for 5 documents!

Comprehensive accounting is an advanced form of the activities such as the bookkeeping, that is why it might be expensive. In order to reduce costs it is worth to hire an accounting office which will shoulder this labour-intensive duty.

You can maintain comprehensive bookkeeping with us from PLN 199 net per month. You will obtain a monthly balance sheet, a profit and loss account, and detailed analyses of costs and revenues at the price. Due to this, without the necessity of spending much time you can manage the finances of your entrepreneurship and adjust your development strategy to also current state of affairs.

The KBT can be also your personal financial analyst! We will find what reports, apart from standard financial statements do you need - depending on their amount we can make them in the price of the service. We customise our offer - it is you who specify documents and reports needed, and we adjust the price list to your needs. You pay only for what you really need




Are you looking for report systems satisfying your needs which allow you to supervise funds and companies being managed? If you are, then we have a range of solutions prepared for you!

We operate comprehensively: apart from standard reporting and accounting services required by mandatory provisions of the law supplemented by custom-made reports, we will offer you many additional services!

We will make a Net Asset Value and Net Asset Value for the certificate for you. We will re-estimate your assets in a portfolio to a current value, carry out technical and official assessments with a depositary, an also agree the accountancy and politics and procedures. We will also take care of the reporting together with auditors servicing, as well as the investment certificates registry, and our accountants always quickly and efficiently will answer all your questions.


Revenue and
expense ledger


The revenue and expense ledger from PLN 139 net!

If you conduct an economic activity, then this form of keeping the books is the most suitable for you. The revenue and expense ledger is a simplified form of bookkeeping which allows to include the costs of conducting an economic activity in settlements and, thereby to reduce the tax base and an income tax.

KBT will keep the revenue and expense ledger for you - all you have to do is to hand documents over to us. The rest is in our hands!


Payrolls and


Payrolls and personnel from PLN 25 net!

Do you employ employees? Hand the payroll and personnel matters over to KBT! Payroll and personnel matters take much time and may be complex. If you want to have control over everything and simultaneously be sure that your employees are settled honestly and in 100% correctly - trust our payroll and personnel outsourcing. We settle a single employee comprehensively from PLN 25 net.

The scope of our specialisation includes all issues and obligations resulting from employing employees.

- we prepare payrolls and keep the register of remunerations, calculate remunerations considering allowances and deductions from remunerations, we make transfers of remunerations and produce payslips,
- we make reports and declarations to the Social Insurance Institution and to a Tax Office, make transfers to the Social Insurance Institution and to a Tax Office,
- we prepare RMUA forms, issue remuneration certificates, register employees and the members of their families at the Social Insurance Institution,
- produce PIT-11, PIT-8B, PIT-40 settlements, and documents related to an employment,
- we settle all kinds of leaves and medical certificates, we register and control periodic medical examinations,
- we deal with the certifications of employment, certificates, and other documents related to the employment of an employee,
- we archive employee’s legal documentation.

Trust us - time is money!

Additional Services


If you are looking for an office which will attend to you comprehensively - then You are in the right place! Apart from traditional accounting, as well as payroll and personnel services our personnel will help you also in dealing with other database processes.

We will maintain a collateral registry, evaluate deposits with by means of a model, prepare accounting documentation necessary for the issue of securities for you.

Additionally, we will help you recreate your account books, transform your business into a commercial law company, go through the process of winding your company up, as well as in offering the leasing of operative employees.

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Sale/The registration
of companies


Would you like to become an entrepreneur? Do you care about time? We have an offer directed straight to you!

We have shelf companies, without history, registered as the VAT taxpayer or not, limited liability companies or joint-stock companies. The wide range of legal form.

We give you choice:

- Shelf company - Do you want to begin conducting economic activity as quickly as possible - the purchase of a shelf company may be a good solution. We offer the sale of companies with clean economic history (no obligations, contracts, invoices, or other economic events) certified by a notary public within our services
- The registration of a new company - We can register for you whatever company you want. We will meet, discuss, and advice, and then register the company you dream of.

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Your time is precious! Let us relieve you of this.

Comprehensive accounting from PLN 199 net
for 5 documents!


Correctly kept accountancy is necessary for a proper functioning of an enterprise. Let a competent accounting office take care of your accountancy and focus on what is most imprtant - developing your business.


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