IT Solutions:

As a modern accounting company, we utilize a set of IT solutions in order to facilitate our Customers’ circulation of documents and information. 

As part of continuous cooperation, we offer our Customers the following information technology solutions

The Office Website supports the communication between the customer and the accounting office. It is the most convenient and the fastest method of sending necessary information to our Customers.

The Office Website offers, among others:

  • information on taxes and National Insurance contributions to be paid, along with bank transfer parameters,
  • detailed information on income tax and VAT,
  • information on employee remunerations,
  • monthly summaries of individual types of taxes, along with settlements and remunerations,
  • detailed reports.

The employee’s website is an online service where the employees are able to send notifications on their planned vacations, check the number of days of earned and available leave, as well as to verify their calculated remuneration. Employees subject to a bailiff deduction can also check the sum that has already been paid as well as the outstanding amount.

Subiekt 123 A simplified online system for issuing invoices

One can issue an invoice or a receipt within only several dozens of seconds. You use a prepared set of customer details and a list of products that have been input before in the application. You choose the payment method and the deadline. When needed, you check the reverse charge option. You can easily generate PDF files from the issued documents and send them directly to your customers. If necessary, you can also make corrections to the invoices.