Clever Investment Team

Our employees are experienced specialists. We are present in every phase, providing help with submitted problems and enquiries. We will eagerly answer any questions and clarify any ambiguities. Thanks to knowledge and experience, we firmly and efficiently perform our duties. We are a business partner that you can rely on!

Jacek Kaliński

President of the Management Board
Partner and Head Accountant of the company. Expert at capital market and investment accounting. Holder of an accounting specialist certificate issued by the Polish Accountants' Association and of an Accounting Certificate issued by the Ministry of Finance.


Maksymilian Lewandowski

Partner and Relation Manager. His work mainly involves managing the company. He cares for good relations with Customers because he believes that it is the basis for a firm enterprise. He is an expert in business consulting.


Piotr Nietrzebka

IT Department Manager
Piotr is responsible for preparation of the IT architecture concept. He takes an active part in business management through implementation of most advanced information technology solution.


Mykyta Kupchuk

Accounting Department Manager
His daily tasks mainly involve arranging operational processes. He delegates and supervises the correctness of performed tasks in order to quickly and efficiently address Customers' needs. An expert in corporate accounting and taxes.


Anna Gańko

Full Accounting Coordinator

As the coordinator of the Full Accounting team, she monitors the work of the team she is in charge of. She supports her colleagues in their daily tasks. She specializes in services for large commercial companies that conduct import and export settlements.


Patryk Pułka

HR and Payroll Coordinator
In 2019, he obtained the Polish Accountants' Association Certificate. As an HR and Payroll Specialist, his everyday work involves supervising the correctness of HR settlements and the work of the team he is in charge of.


Magdalena Pawelec

Management Office – Management Board Assistant
In her work, she is capable of doing the impossible. She supports the management board and the whole office in proper relations with Customers and contractors of the company. She cares for the marketing and the communication of the company.


Cezary Kurec

Management Office - Relation Manager
Along with the Management Office, Cezary cares for good relationships with Customers and establishes contact with new business entities. On a daily basis, he supervises the fluent and correct functioning of the accounting operations team.


Justyna Kiełbasa

Management Office – Office Assistant
Our first line when it comes to contact with Customers. On a daily basis, she cares for a correct and efficient circulation of documents; it is Justyna who will take care of you once you visit our office


Joanna Haczykowska

Full Accounting
Joanna specializes in accounting services for IT companies and commercial and service companies.


Dominik Haczykowski

Full Accounting
Dominik handles the accounting of large commercial companies as well as foundations and associations.


Bartosz Grywaczewski

Full Accounting
Bartosz handles settlements of large service-providing companies and businesses from the medical sector.


Dariusz Kłonowski

Full Accounting
On a daily basis, Dariusz deals with settlements of large companies that render specialist services.


Kinga Pośpiech

Full Accounting
Kinga handles accounting aspects of building and transport companies; she supports the team in their everyday duties.


Jolanta Lewandowska

HR and Payroll – Staff and Administration Specialist
Jolanta specializes in services for, among others, production Customers. She also handles the HR and administrative aspects of Clever Investment.


Adrian Karasiński

HR and Payroll
On a daily basis, Adrian calculates remunerations, manages other HR and Payroll operations, and is responsible for customer service.


Kinga Lewińska

HR and Payroll
Kinga supports the HR and Payroll team in their communication with ZUS (Social Insurance Institution), the Tax Office, PFRON (State Fund of Rehabilitation of Handicapped People), and in customer service.


Ewa Maraszek

Accounting Department – Operations
In her work, Ewa specializes in proper consideration of documents and calculation of declarations for sole proprietorships.


Michał Frelas

Accounting Department – Operations

On a daily basis, Michał supports the simplified accounting department in preparing tax settlements. He also supports the team in their everyday communication with government offices.


Katarzyna Kulesza

Accounting Department – Operations
In her everyday work, Katarzyna supports the team of simplified and full accounting in the correct input and consideration of accounting documents.